Technical Details

#TheCabin is an Internet Relay Chat channel located on the EFnet network. IRC is an open protocol that is not owned by any individual company and is not operated by any single group.

#TheCabin is a part of EFnet, a network of IRC servers first created in 1990.

To access IRC you must be able to access IRC servers. Some networks may block this for some reason. If you believe this is the case try a different wifi network if possible, or try using your cellular network on your phone. Ask the administrator who controls your network rules to find out if they can remove this restriction.

IRC Clients

You can use any IRC client to join #TheCabin. Simply select EFnet from the list of available networks. If EFnet is not an option use one from the current server list.

Here is a list of clients we build and support ourselves.

And here is a list of third party clients we recommend.

There are a number of web IRC clients you can also use and may be an easy way to join #TheCabin.

A comprehensive list of IRC clients, including options for the terminal is available on wikipedia.