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#TheCabin is an Internet Relay Chat channel originally formed in 1995. To learn more about #TheCabin and its history start at our about page. If you’d like to read a bit about IRC and whwat differs it from something like Slack this is a good read.


We recommend using the official #TheCabin Apps and sites to quickly and easily join. However, you’re not limited to just these.

Read more about available clients at our Technical Details Page

Technical Details

#TheCabin requires you to be able to connect to a handful of IRC servers. If the network connection that you’re on is blocked or these servers then any connecting to #TheCabin will fail. Try connecting using your cellular network if you’re on your phone instead of Wifi if you believe this to be the case, as some corporate, school, or public wifi networks may fall into this. If you’re on a computer ask the network administrator about IRC and port 6667.

Read more at our Technical Details Page

Connection Problems

Try these common troubleshooting steps.

  1. Make sure you’re not already connected from another client, or another copy of the client you’re trying to use. Many IRC servers will disallow duplicate connections from the same user.
  2. Try a different server. If you’re using one of the offical #TheCabin applications you might want to kill the application, or refresh the web site to try to get a different server.
  3. If the nickname you’re trying to use is already in use try a different nickname. It has a limit of 9 characters.
  4. If you repeatedly cannot join #TheCabin the network you’re on may be blocking you. If you’re on Wifi try connecting via cellular. If you’re on a computer ask the network administrator about IRC and port 6667.

Blocked from Joining

There may be a situation where you are blocked from joining #TheCabin. The most common ones are being actively banned or the entire chat room is locked from new people joining. If you find you are banned and don’t know why, or the channel is locked feel free to email us and we can clear things up.


#TheCabin has a team of people managing the chat and its infrastructure known as operators, or “ops”. The ops have the ability to remove people temporarily or ban them permanently if required. You may contact the ops by emailing or asking in #TheCabin.

The ops also have some helpers, known as “bots” that are around 247 and perform different tasks. The current bots are CabinDuDe, jam00n and Scavengar.


#TheCabin can be joined from any IRC client. You’re free to join from any of these clients, not just the ones we supply.

Here is a list of some popular clients for each platform. It’s generally as easy as selecting EFnet from the server list and then entering #TheCabin for the channel name.