#TheCabin Website

Historical retrospective of the-cabin.com web sites with screenshots.


This is the current version of the site.


2011’s version was a stop gap, as we hadn’t had a working web site in some time. It was simply an ASCII version of the logo, and later a web chat was embedded in it.


Version 2002 was a very elaborate site. It gave each cabiner a free email account, web journaling platform, photo sharing, and forums.

Each cabiner would gain points for actions performed on the site and would be assigned ranks based on points. These were called “r33tpoints” and the algorithm to calculate these points was held secret.


Quite possibly the most user-friendly and IRC centric edition of the-cabin.com is this version. Around 2000 BobbyT and Real-ity created this site that tied directly into #TheCabin via Eggdrop scripts. It updated the website with how many people were currently in the channel, and who. It also had a comprehensive list of all the current cabiners with photos. Statistics were also generated and could be viewed from this site on who chatted the most, who spent the most time in the channel, and other interesting facts. Cabin Radio also was featured here to be listened to live.