Lazer Day

What is this holiday celebrated by #TheCabin?

What is Lazer Day?

Free pie from 9 - 5.

Lazer Day is an international holiday on November 7th every year. It’s named in un-honor of a past cabiner named LaZeR.

The History of Lazer Day

Originally Lazer Day was created as a day of full mockery of LaZeR. Tradition was to listen to hardcore ghetto rap and read LaZeR quotes all day. At one point a shoutcast streaming radio station under the name Cabin Radio was created and a DJ streamed the ghetto rap using that for all to listen to.

As time went on the day became less about LaZeR and more about #TheCabin. Invites now go out to as many cabiners, past and present, as can be tracked down to get everyone united in the channel for one day. Often times a real life gathering will take place at this same time.

What have been some past Lazer Day events?

Past Lazer Day Graphics

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