Channel's Name Change

The how and why of the name change.

The move from #TeenCabin to #TheCabin

bASSchica was the eldest member of #TeenCabin at this time (need to figure out when that was). She was turning 20, and was the first cabiner to do so. As a token of the channel growing up BobbyT and Real-ity created an elaborate plan where the new channel they decided on, #TheCabin, was being held by a new bot they created: Amberica. CabinDuDe was programmed that at the exact time planned to +i((This is a channel mode. It requires all people to be explicitly invited before they can join a channel on IRC.)) #TheCabin and kick everyone with the message “/join #TheCabin”. Nobody knew what was happening. When all the cabiners joined #TheCabin they saw a new bot, a topic welcoming them and BobbyT and Real-ity opping everyone in the new home.